Ten weeks in Alaska.


Sunset over Thompson Pass, Alaska

I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but I’ve been absent for a while. This year, the first 5.5 months of it, have been, to say the least, trying.


Giant shrimp we caught

The first quarter of the year, hubby and I were getting my father-in-law placed in long-term care, due to the onset of dementia. Along with getting him into a facility, came the added stress of what to do with his home, his car, all his bills, etc. Hubby and I were not the power of attorney for him, but we (I, since hubby works nights and sleeps all day) did all the work except the final stuff with the real estate agent and the actual sale of the car. Also, he lives four hours away, over the mountains, and we traveled there at least every two weeks. Cascade mountains in January…oh so fun!

As soon as he was settled, I headed to Alaska to help get my mom resettled at home after 3.5 months in a rehab facility after a broken hip.


What I look like when I’m on a boat fishing!

That trip was only supposed to take me six weeks, but things never really go as planned, do they? I was gone exactly 70 days.

My mother was only home a few days when it became apparent to everyone involved—myself, my sister and brother-in-law, and most importantly, my mother—that she would not be able to live alone again, probably ever. She needed too much care.

I won’t get into the details about institutionalization, but it’s not pretty!

Long story short, we eventually found her a nice assisted living facility, where they take great care of her, and she’s able to get back to her reading and crocheting.


My sis and her hubby pulling in a 40lb halibut

Everything is settled now, and I’m hoping to get back to a semblance of a normal life, back at home with my family. Of course, I then came home to both of our vehicles having serious issues—and then I just throw up my hands and say “whatever!” Life’s not supposed to be simple, is it?

There was a couple great spots to the trip to Alaska. Memorial Day weekend was spent on the water in Valdez, halibut fishing and hauling—that’s what’s nephews are for—shrimp pots. And then the last weekend before I left was one of my Aunt and Uncle’s 60th wedding anniversary.

I’m back now. Recipes will resume. Thanks everyone for hanging in there with me!

This is a boat meal. Grilled steaks on the Coleman, fresh shrimp out of the ocean, some potatoes and beans. Doesn't get any better than this, ever!

This is a boat meal. Grilled steaks on the Coleman, fresh shrimp out of the ocean, some potatoes and beans. Doesn’t get any better than this, ever!



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