Garlic Crusted King Salmon

20150807_190208My dear mother took pity on me. I spent over a month in Alaska, trying to catch a fish, and failed miserably. I don’t know if it’s because I’m not Alaskan enough anymore, I’ve lost my touch – I used to out-fish everyone in the family – or if the fish just really didn’t like me this year. So mom brought home a beautiful 1 lb king salmon filet for me tonight…and a batch of shrimp.

I was hungry, so I needed to do something that wouldn’t take very long, and it turned out to be incredibly yummy.

I just boiled the shrimp, then put them in a pan of water and ice cubes to stop their cooking and cool them down.

The salmon…

  • About 12 drops of sesame oil and 1 Tblsp of olive oil in a fry pan on med-high heat.
  • Put the salmon in the pan skin-side down, and let it brown. About 4 minutes.
  • While it’s cooking on the skin side, I very liberally sprinkled roasted garlic, onion powder and black pepper on the flesh.
  • Lift the fish, make sure the oil is coating the pan, and set it season-side down. Cook for about another 4 minutes.

My fillet was pretty thick, so, my mom had been cooking something in the oven, and had just turned it off. I put the fillet in the oven on a pan and let it cook the rest of the way in the cooling oven. About 7 minutes later and it was absolutely perfect!

The cocktail sauce for the shrimp is super simple and I make it all the time. I’ve probably posted it before, but here it is again. – I don’t really measure anything in this recipe, it’s totally by taste.

  • Ketchup
  • Horseradish – I use jarred, but I’ve had it with fresh ground, and that’s amazing!
  • Lemon juice
  • Worcestershire Sauce (don’t overdo this)

Mix it all well, and it’s best if it sits at least an hour in the fridge before serving.


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