Oopsie Cake Dessert

20150702_132034My daughter’s 18th birthday was on July 4th, and we are in Alaska on vacation and were heading out into the wilds for the 4th of July weekend with the family. I wanted to make a cake to take on the camping trip with us, so she’d have a birthday cake.

As often happens, things didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted.

I had her pick out a box cake mix from the grocery store – any flavor she wanted – which turned out to be a simple spice cake. Her request was that I make my homemade cream cheese frosting for it.

Well, here we start out on the wrong foot. I’d gone out to dinner with my siblings and had an alcoholic beverage. I’m a total lightweight when it comes to alcohol, so I was a little buzzed when I got home and realized I had to get the cake made before I went to bed.

The stupid cake didn’t rise. It was only about 1/2″ thick in the 9×13 pan. What the heck? But then, as I’m cleaning up the kitchen before bed, I find the flat cake culprits… all three eggs that were supposed to be in the cake were still sitting on the counter.

Mojitos and baking obviously don’t mix for me.

The up side? The cake still had a nice texture. I put a lid on it and would frost it the next day.

I put together my simple sugar-free cream cheese recipe – 1 pkg cream cheese, a dash of lemon extract, and a few drops liquid sucrolose. Simple, tasty and a lot less sugar than the average cream cheese frosting, though it’s a bit thicker/heavier, so you use a thinner layer than the normal one.

So I’m holding the mixing bowl over the cake, gently spreading the frosting, when I drop the bowl onto the frosted cake. When I pick up the bowl, half the cake comes up with it! UGH! Now what? It’s totally destroyed.

So, last ditch effort to make it edible, though not so pretty. I mix it all up, frosting and cake, add a container of Cool Whip, and mix that in, and a can of fruit cocktail (drained). It wasn’t pretty, but everyone liked it!

My mother made a quick batch of brownies that was used as the cake to hold the candles – it survived the trip to the middle of nowhere, but the flop cake turned out tasty, and was eaten up.

This is where we were camping… Old Denali Highway outside Cantwell, Alaska




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