North To Alaska!

Sunset in the Yukon

Sunset in the Yukon

It’s summer, and so it’s time for the kiddo and I to hit the road once again. This year we’re headed up the Alcan to Alaska to visit family, go fishing, visit family, and probably more fishing. My daughter is turning 18 on July 4th, so this may be the last big road trip for us for a long time (together I mean) because it’s time for her to be an adult. (She hates that!)

We’re actually IN Alaska now. It took us 4 days/3 nights to drive from home to my mother’s place. We ate some good food, we ate some not so good food, we saw lots and lots of wildlife, and had a great drive, sleeping in the truck at night in campgrounds. We had a tent, but after a 14+ hour day of driving – having someone else to help drive now is wonderful! – we didn’t feel like messing with the tent, so we just put the seats back in the old Ford Ranger and slept pretty good. Until we got to the Yukon. Then it was so light, we didn’t sleep till almost 1 in the morning when exhaustion finally hit.

So here are a few pictures of the scenery and wildlife we experienced. I’ve done the drive round trip three times in the last five years, and it’s NEVER the same, which is why I love it!


Sunrise near Dawson Creek, BC


Muncho Lake, BC


Small herd of buffalo – Liard Hot Springs, BC


Black Bear at Sunset – Liard Hot Springs, BC


Kluane Lake – Yukon


A gray jay, commonly called a “camp robber” here because they are utterly fearless and will eat anything. He didn’t care so much for mango though, it made his beak sticky, and he kept wiping it off.


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