Mother’s Day BBQ


Pork, Shrimp on Portabella & Roasted Potatoes

Seeing as I’m the cook in the house, if I want a special dinner, I have to make it myself. Now, don’t get me wrong, I had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. My daughter bought me a beautiful wok, and some cool new mixing bowls (bright colors in Melamine). We spent the day out in the sunshine, going to the beach and picnicking on the grass under a big oak tree where we ate Subway sandwiches and sour cream and onion chips – a treat for me! And then Sunday hubby and I went out with another couple and had a lovely finger-food dinner at a pub, celebrating Mother’s Day without the kids.savu-emeril-smoker-bags-hickory_3280620

But I wanted a nice meal, so Monday after Mother’s Day, I made it. Probably my favorite food of all time is shrimp. I had a pound in the freezer. But a pound of shrimp does not feed our family – I’m fairly sure I can eat a pound of shrimp on my own. So a 2 lb bone-in pork roast and some potatoes to go with it, and maybe a couple portabella mushrooms. A yummy dinner awaits!

I have a new favorite cooking item right now. We BBQ a lot, but it’s a propane grill, and though it makes a nice charred flavor, there’s no real smokey flavor. I bought three – and just used the last one – of these bags from a discount table at a sporting goods store. I’ve now ordered more from Amazon, because I’m hooked!


After it’s cooked, just slice open the bag (careful of steam!)


Shrimp, Portabella & Garlic Butter

I kind of hacked off chunks of the roast so they were fairly uniform in size, but there was still a lot of meat on the bone, so that went in the bag too. The seasoning was very simple. I have a pulled pork seasoning, and I use it very sparingly, a light sprinkle and then rubbed it in. Then I sprinkle liberally with garlic powder. I had 2 big russet potatoes, and I sliced them about 1-inch thick and seasoned with garlic powder and laid the slices in the bag with the pork. Then I sliced up a small sweet onion and laid that over the meat and potatoes. Seal up the bag and follow the directions for cooking on the grill. (10 min on high; 35-40 on low). The meat and potatoes have the most wonderful smokey flavor – just like a smokehouse. Because these bags are so well sealed, you can use them in the oven, too, but it’s getting hot so the oven probably won’t be turned on until September. We only cook on the BBQ in the summer.

For the shrimp, since I was out of smoker bags, I just took a sheet of thick tin foil, tossed the shrimp with some softened butter and garlic powder, and put them in a single layer in the middle of the foil. I then laid two whole portabella (stem removed) over the shrimp, sprayed the tops with olive oil (so it wouldn’t stick to foil) and then sealed the foil shut. I put the shrimp on the grill for the last 10 minutes of the meat cooking.

A little sour cream and chopped green onions go on the potatoes, a little of your favorite bbq sauce for the meat – hubby enjoys the chipotle flavored Tobasco – the shrimp were perfect the way they were with the garlic butter. Just drizzle a little of that garlic butter from the foil onto the portabella.

I’m a happy mommy!


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