Springtime in the PNW

Besides fall, spring is my favorite time of the year. The scents of … green. Damp earth, flowers, sap rising… Having grown up in Alaska, spring was definitely a welcomed change to the long, dark, frigid months of winter. Here, in the Pacific Northwest, it’s just as exciting, but a little different. There’s less of the white stuff here where I live, and it’s only frigid a week or two out of the year when the windy storms come in. The best parts are watching the hillsides as the birch and cottonwoods spring bright green against the dark evergreens. Staying lighter later in the evening so an evening walk is possible. The amazingly beautiful blooming trees. The return of the robins, and watching them search for grubs. The squirrels doing it in the tree outside my living room window – never fails, it’s happened every single year for the 11 years we’ve lived here.

Spring to me feels like it’s time to wake up after hibernation. Even if I haven’t been hibernating, it feels like a renewal inside me every year, and I love it. It also means that summer is coming, which is time for traveling, and that’s what really gets my blood going.

Here are so me shots from the last few weeks around here. Color, brightness, happiness.


Tulip from the Tulip Festival in Mt. Vernon, WA


Tulips from the Tulip Festival in Mt. Vernon, WA


New growth – fiddlehead fern. Bridal Falls, BC


Cherry blossoms everywhere!


Sunset at the Summerland Yacht Club on Lake Okanagan.




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