My new food obsession

caramelRarely to I get really hooked on a certain food and can’t get enough, but this is…addictive!

Working as a cashier at a grocery store, I see some strange things come through my line. Lemon tart filling – a clear plastic bag of yellow goop. Yes, people actually eat kippered herring. And my favorite was the woman who bought two big bags of curry powder. When I weighed them on the scale they were over 5lbs of the stuff. I can’t imagine using that much curry powder in my whole life!

One day this woman came through with three bags of caramel/cheddar popcorn, and I made a face. Yes, I enjoy some sweet and salty stuff. Peanuts and chocolate. But cheese and caramel? I would never even think of going there. The woman said it was her favorite snack and she couldn’t get enough.

The next week, the Smartfood popcorn went on sale, so I bought a small bag to try it.

BIG MISTAKE! Even bigger mistake was giving a few pieces to my hubby.

Now, I keep bringing it home, and he keeps eating it all before I can get to it!

This stuff is fabulous. I have no idea why it works. It is not two flavors I would ever even think of putting together.

Also, I’m not sure it’s available in the USA, because I looked when I was there to see if I could get it a little cheaper than here (in Canad) and I couldn’t find any… If you do find some though, I highly recommend it.


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