A Clean Microwave

20150226_152718 I’m not the best housekeeper. I’m the first to admit that, and I’m sure my family would be standing in line to agree with me. On the other hand, I’m a better housekeeper than the people I live with. A guy (my husband) and a teenager (my daughter) who can just “not see” dirt, mess, gross stuff.

Every now and then I go on strike – not totally, because I’d have to move out if I did that. But that little bit of passive-aggressiveness inside me kicks in and I think, “Hmm. How long can I go without cleaning XYZ before someone else does it?” 99% of the time doing this just ticks me off because they never clue in, and I wind up doing it myself. As is the case with my microwave.

I always cover my food when I put it in the microwave. The only thing I ever make a mess is the turntable, and usually that’s overflowing something that boils, and I quickly wipe it up before it dries. This is not what happens with the other people in my house.

I think it’s been…I really don’t know how long since I cleaned the microwave. Somebody splattered something, and I thought, “Hmm. How long till somebody else cleans it up?” My answer? Obviously never.

I’m not one to tout products unless I’m obsessed with them, and I have found a cleaning product that is the most amazing thing ever.

My husband is an avid watcher of Shark Tank, and therefore I watch it too – if I want to spend time with husband, I put up with his shows. Okay, it’s not always bad, but he’s pretty obsessive about watching. One night these two guys were on the show talking about there ultra safe cleaning products. One guy actually sprayed it into his mouth to prove how safe the stuff was. That was somewhat impressive, but I’m not against chemicals by any means. There are no small children left in my house, and when I clean, I want clean, not some safe, all-natural, pseudo-clean. I still use bleach products and ammonia when needed, and I’ve tried about every oven cleaner, floor cleaner, kitchen cleaner and bathroom cleaner on the market.

Not only did these guys on Shark Tank drink the stuff, they were cleaning up very, very dried on gross stuff. Well, I went right to the computer and placed an order for the Shark Tank “Shark Kit” which was a sample of a few products.

I didn’t care for the dish soap. I didn’t like the herbal scent to it (I hate my plastic things smelling/tasting like soap of any kind) but, that’s my only complaint. The floor cleaner Simply Floored is AMAZING, cleaning better than Fantastic or 409, my two go-to cleaners for nasty floors. And the stuff called What-EVER all-purpose cleaner cleans a nasty stove-top with no effort at all. And the Even The Kitchen Sink got my copper-bottom pots looking shiny and new, when they’re over 20 years old.

So how does this relate to my microwave since I did my little commercial? I went to heat up my coffee today that had grown cold, and eewww. My microwave was gross! I was in the kitchen doing dishes anyway, so I figured I might as well clean the stupid thing because it was obvious no one else was going to. I remember hearing something about putting vinegar on a sponge and microwaving it to soften the gunk. The last thing I want is the smell of hot vinegar wafting through my house. I took the What-EVER cleaner and sprayed down the inside of the microwave. Then I wet a dish cloth and plopped it on the turntable and turned it on high for 2 minutes.

Holy cow! Everything just wiped out with that cloth, leaving the microwave clean as new!

I love these products and am now doing my part to get the word out about them. The price is comparable to anything in the stores, and shipping was pretty reasonable, free if you spend so much, I think. I keep a few bottles of the floor cleaner and the all-purpose cleaner under my sink. And now that I have a bunny, I can wash the floor and not worry about him licking up chemicals. And what I find best of all, they have options for scented or non-scented, and the unscented has almost zero smell at all, which I like.



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