When things change…

This year has started off with a bang. In early December, my husband lost his job. For the last 9 months or so, we’d been having conversations about me getting a job outside the home. Though I’m writing and still working as an editor, the cost of living has been going up, but my income has not.

When hubby got his walking papers from a job he’d been with for a few years, I decided I should start looking along with him. He got hired much faster than I did. He has 10 years experience in his field, while I’ve been working from home for eight years, and was a “housewife” for 7 years prior o that.

I did land a job at a grocery store and began my training about 2 weeks ago. I’m a cashier, and it’s pretty tough on my body, but I’m determined. I need to get orthotics for my shoes because apparently I have ankles that don’t do what they’re supposed to. My back and shoulders ache, but I’m hoping that is just that I’m using muscles that don’t get used while sitting at a computer, and I’ll adjust.

My family is learning how to pack their own lunches and feed themselves dinner on the nights I work later. Of course, I put stuff in the crock pot so that works out. At least there is food for me when I get home! The kiddo makes and eats an entire box of mac and cheese when she doesn’t want to work at finding food. And I think hubby would eat potato chips and granola for dinner if I didn’t make sure something was available. And if there’s no lunch meat and bread in the fridge… I don’t even want to think what would happen! Yes, I’ve spoiled them with 15 years of waiting on them. I’m too achy and exhausted after 8 hours standing at a cash register to really care if they get fed.

So things are changing. I’ll try to post a recipe at least once a week, but I can’t promise. Not until I have some idea what kind of schedule I’ll be working.

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “When things change…

  1. Stay positive, Sweetie. It will all work out. Your body will adjust, and the family will too. Planning meals was the task I hated when I worked, but I usually had batches of soup, stew, lasagna/pasta in the freezer — the hard part was remembering to remove a meal in the morning! I can’t tell you how many times dinner was soup ‘n’ sandwich, or a salad with hot dogs, or good old mac ‘n’ cheese. Warm weather meant bbq meals which meant “he cooks”. I never cooked on Fridays – it was every man for himself. Thank goodness for crock pots – which I never had while I worked, but we make use of it now. Does that make us super lazy or super smart?? Hang in there! Good Luck!

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