Lunch and a book

Japanese green salad

Japanese green salad

To me, the most beautiful food in the world is Japanese. The artistry, the skill it takes to make everything on the plate look perfect, even the little salads.

I have a couple little Japanese places around town that I favor, and one of them is literally across the street from our house. When I need a break from work – whether it’s writing, editing or housekeeping – I head across the street with a book for lunch. The place is tiny, with just 10 tables and the nicest staff, a little ironically Korean.

I always order the same thing. Lunch Box C – Teriyaki chicken, California roll, 5 pc. tempura (includes 2 prawns), rice, miso, green salad (I love the ginger dressing) and a MandarinĀ orange cut just so.

Lunch Box C  - Teryaki Chicken, California Roll and Tempura

Lunch Box C – Teryaki Chicken, California Roll and Tempura

I don’t eat sashimi, but I have to admit it’s so pretty when other people order it. I have issues with the texture of it, and having grown up fishing in Alaska, raw fish was something you ate if you were starving to death and couldn’t light a fire.

This meal I order is so huge I usually bring half of it home. I always eat the tempura, salad and soup, because I don’t want to carry soup home, and the others wilt if they’re put in a container.

147793So yesterday I sat at a little table for an hour, enjoying my lunch and reading (or re-reading for at least the 5th time) Only His by Elizabeth Lowell and enjoyed my Lunch Box. That makes for a great day for me! (And the kiddo got a whole Californa roll for a snack when she got home from school.)


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