Mexican Food – Restaurant Style

2 chimi with rice and beans

2 chimi with rice and beans


I make a lot of Mexican food at home. I make great tacos and fajitas, my mom’s Spanish rice recipe is amazingly good, and I can make what is usually a very high-calorie meal fairly healthy, but I love, love, love eating out at Mexican restaurants. There’s nothing like getting a beautifully presented, colorful platter of unhealthy goodness. Refried beans, rice and fried tortillas filled with cheese and goo, topped with huge mounts of guacamole and sour cream. It just doesn’t get much better than that for comfort food for me – restaurant style. I also happen to love the ambiance in Mexican restaurants. The wall murals, the hacienda style architecture that even the littlest restaurants seem to pull off pretty well. It’s great. It’s fun. And when I’m not worrying about every bite I put in my mouth, I love it!

Free appetizers

Free appetizers

My daughter and I like trying new places. Some are good, some really aren’t. Last night we were doing some shopping, and I found a BOGO coupon online for a little out-of-the way place in Bellingham called El Rinconcito. It’s a little place in a strip mall, kind of not near anything else, but we’re always up to try anything when we’ve been out shopping for hours.

The man, who I believe was the owner, was very friendly and chatty, the staff was wonderful, attentive -though not annoying – they honored the coupon without batting an eye (I get a little irate when I get attitude about using coupons) so we left a nice tip! The food was beautifully presented, and the best – which I haven’t had before – when you sit down and they bring  you the basket of warm tortilla chips and salsa, they also brought a plate of refried beans with some pico de gallo on it. So good!

Fried Ice Cream - with honey and chocolate drizzle.

Fried Ice Cream – with honey and chocolate drizzle.

We ordered (we needed enough to bring leftovers home for the hubby) 2 chicken chimichanga meal and 3 chicken enchilada meal. And then the kiddo had to get the fried ice cream after, and wow, it was so good. Everything was amazing.


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