The Ladies Who Lunch

I can’t believe I’m actually doing this post, because I’m so NOT one of the ladies who lunch. Oh, I go out for a dinner a fair bit, but I seldom go out to lunch because of my odd and busy schedule.

But just last week I found myself in a friend’s car, two other friends with us (thanks Ariadne for driving, and Celia and Barbara for joining us), heading east out through the valley to Abbotsford. Now first of all, the four of us in the car all live in basically the heart of Vancouver, so getting the four of us together wasn’t difficult. The person we were meeting lives in Abbotsford and I guess we thought it would be an adventure to travel fifty miles for lunch on a rainy October day. Plus, all of us are writers and sometimes we just want to get away from our lonely desks so we’re open for anything that allows us the company of our peers and a trip – even if it is just for lunch.


Leanne, who actually lives in Abbotsford while none of the rest of us had been there for quite some time, suggested we try the new Cactus Club which is at the far end of Abbotsford from Vancouver. Still, we buckled our seatbelts and kept going. And it was worth it, not just for the food, but for the company, both on the trip out and back, and at lunch. Plus, the restaurant is drop dead gorgeous.


The booth we sat in was comfortable and warm on a cool, cloudy day…


In fact, the whole interior is lovely and warm…


But the food? It was fabulous (as my kharma seems to vanish each time I go to Abbotsford – the last time I forgot my wallet and had to go back and get it, this time I forgot my phone, so these photos are by Leanne). All five of us had different things, but they were all amazing, and as beautifully presented as the restaurant itself was.


Ariadne’s salad – raincoast greens.


Barbara or Leanne’s salad – though I can’t tell which, or what it is


Celia’s barbecue duck clubhouse.

We talked and laughed and enjoyed every minute of the experience, including the fact that they have FREE valet parking (new to at least of the party) at lunch time. I can’t remember if we talked at all about writing specifically, but that doesn’t really matter because everything you say to a writer becomes part of their experience, part of their writing. We can’t help ourselves.

So, I guess I can now call myself one of the ladies who lunch. And it was fun. I’ll definitely do it again, though the 50 mile drive might be a problem!



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