Sometimes It’s Just Gotta Be Take-Out

Fried Chicken and spinach/feta/mushroom pizza

Fried Chicken and spinach/feta/mushroom pizza

I work from home, therefore it’s not a huge deal for me to make dinner most nights. This is cheaper than eating out, and a whole lot healthier. I also love eating out – if you haven’t figured that out yet – but sometimes it’s just gotta be take-out.

Rarely I’ll bring home Chinese or Japanese, because I much prefer going out to the restaurant for that. My all-time favorite take-out is – and it’s so very unhealthy! – is pizza and fried chicken. I’m very particular about both. I cannot stand salty chicken, and I’ve found one grocery store that makes the best crispy, seasoned but not salty fried chicken. And with pizza, my favorite is a local take-out place because they make a thin, 50% whole wheat dough that is crispy but not cracker thin.

I did my big shopping trip to Washington today, and when I’m out of the house all day, the very last thing I want to do is go home and figure out what to cook for dinner, so I picked up crispy chicken and spinach/feta/mushroom/onion garlic pizza. And it was good!


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