Food Bank day in Vancouver

Yesterday was food bank day in Vancouver and I happened to walk by one of the big events on my way back to work from the gym. There were tents all over the grass and people eating ice cream and carrying giant bags full of organic food. The way the event worked was really cool. Many people – farmers, stores, manufacturers – supplied free food to the food bank. The food bank volunteers then took the food and put it in big cloth bags supplied for free by another company.

They filled up your bag for you as you went along the tables – my bag was so heavy I could hardly carry it back to the office (which was only two blocks from the event). At the end of it, you made a $25 donation to the food bank. I certainly got my $25 worth and I got to feel good about my shopping. Absolutely brilliant marketing!

This is what was in mine (two apples are missing, as I ate them when I got back to work, and before I took the photographs):


I have to figure out a way to get my bag full of goodies home – it’s too heavy to carry, so I might have to do something I almost never do, which is take a cab home from work. I also have to figure out a way to cook these squash. I may just bake them. We’ll see. If I’m in the car for some reason on the weekend, I’ll just stop by and pick it up.

The cookbook looks interesting – and many of the recipes look pretty easy as well. This is the one I think I’ll try first because I love apples and who could resist apple cake? I photographed just the recipe so if you want to try it yourself (and if you have access to the Nature’s Path Heritage Flakes, though I’m guessing you could try some other flake type of cereal if you don’t have Nature’s Path in your area)



Good food, good feelings.

Hard to beat that for a lunchtime walk.




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