Indian food – India Gate and Maurya

I love eating out (as you will have guessed from my posts), and I’ll eat almost anything on the menu from any Indian restaurant. And I often eat out, sometimes because I’m out with friends or family, sometimes because I’m picking something up on my way home from work, and sometimes – as with Indian food – because it’s way too complicated for me to make at home and Vancouver is full of terrific Indian restaurants. There are fast food restaurants, there are mid-range restaurants, there are ones that are very nice.

The one thing that all these restaurants have in common is the food – which I absolutely love!


The India Gate – they tell me – was the first Indian restaurant in downtown Vancouver and I’ve been eating there since the very beginning. I’m pretty sure that several of the waiters have been there through all the different incarnations and renovations – but the food is still the same. Good, lots of it, and not too expensive. I often go to the India Gate for a treat at the end of the week, sit in the window, watch the tourists walk by on Robson Street, and read my book. At India Gate, I always have the same thing – Aloo Ghobi – which is my favorite Indian meal.


And then there’s Maurya – very elegant, quite a bit more expensive, and I don’t go there that often. First of all, it’s too far away to go for lunch, and it’s only walkable in good weather. It’s across a bridge and up the hill. But it is worth it. I was there this week with a friend from out of town – and the food, as always, was terrific.


This appetizer was quite spicy and incredibly delicious. It was stuffed with something – don’t know what, though I do know it was vegetarian. We added paneer pakora which was also good, then moved on to split an order of okra masala. Yum.

But for me? I’ll still go to India Gate regularly and only occasionally go to Maurya. I like the homey-ness of India Gate. I like the food, which is plain and simple, and the aloo ghobi, for me, is comfort food.




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