New favorite buffet place

Hot food table

I’ve mentioned before that I like buffets. And the more seafood on a buffet, the happier I am.

Cold seafood table

My daughter and I did a little road trip because we had nothing else going on an drove down to Burlington, WA for the day for some shopping and eating and discovered a little hole in the wall place called Four Seasons Buffet.

I have to say, I love Chinese food, but because of some really, really bad experiences, I’m very leery to try new ones when I’m not near home. There have been some mild (thank God) cases of food poisoning from buffets while traveling, which is why I won’t allow my hubby to drag me to any any more that are not within an hour of our home.

Sushi table

But we were feeling adventurous, and when we walked it it was bright, and clean, and huge! 3 long hot tables, 1 sushi table – the the man behind the counter constantly making fresh sushi, and each item on the ice table was all labeled with it’s end time – 1 salad and cold seafood counter, and 1 fruit and dessert counter. And one of the hot tables was all seafood. Stuffed crab, cheese mussels, grilled calamari, salmon fillet… it all looked amazing, fresh, and hot! We decided to stay. Oh, did I mention the grill? That’s a whole other counter with raw meats and veggies and tofu. Pile it high on your plate, tell the cook if you want hot or sweet, and he fries it up for you right there. We didn’t even get to try that, but what others around us had on their plates looked so yummy.

I stuffed myself on mussels and shrimp, both hot and cold. For the price – a mere $8.95 – it was pretty amazing. I wish this place wasn’t 75 miles from my home, but I guess it’ll keep me out of trouble if I can only go there once every few months. My daughter went nuts over the teriyaki chicken kabobs and the spring rolls. I had some stir fry veggies that were the best I’ve ever had from a buffet.

This place is a definite recommendation from me. Four Seasons Buffet in Burlington, Washington.

See you there! *grin


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