Travel, Shop, Eat – Part Two

Grayland Beach, Washington

Grayland Beach, Washington  © Anna Leigh Keaton 2014

So, about 4 days after I returned from the 4 days away with Kate, I took off again with the kiddo for 6 days. We went back to a couple of places that I was with Kate, like the Olympic Game Farm. This time we brought a loaf of cheap whole wheat bread to feed the herbivores. Lori got snotted on by a zebra, and a llama stuck his whole head and neck into our truck trying to get a piece of bread.

Kisses! Did you know their noses are wet like a dog’s?

We almost got trampled by a buffalo because the person driving in front of us didn’t heed the rules and stopped driving in the elk/buffalo area. They learned very quickly when the buffalo stuck its head into their window, effectively traumatizing some children in the backseat and sending myself and Lori into fits of laughter – everyone was okay, but the reactions were priceless…wish I had it on film!

Dinner was a huge platter of fish & chips at a place called Kiwi Fish & Chips, and then we had the most fantastic breakfast at the Hi-way 101 Diner in Sequim.

Chicken Fried Steak Sliders

Kate and I had dinner there and it was good, but there is nothing like fresh baked buttermilk biscuits made into chicken fried steak sliders! Oh my, they were fabulous and when I’m not dieting so intensely, I am going to make these at home.

Swimming in Quilcene Bay, Washington

Lori swam in salt water for the first time in her life. We usually travel near the ocean in the spring when it’s too cold, but this time it was hot, hot, hot (in the 90’s) and she went for a dip in Quilcene Bay (off Hood Canal) and saw her first flounder and *almost got the courage to pick up a live dungeness crab. She touched it but couldn’t quite get the courage to pick it up even though I gave exact instructions – I’ve been picking up dungees since I was about 8 and would go crabbing with my brothers in Homer, Alaska in the tide pools.

Beautiful driftwood in the sunset

We shopped our way from Vancouver, Washington through Portland, Oregon and down to Beaverton and Tigard, stopping at every Ross we could find, ending up in Salem where we picked up my sister-in-law who was visiting from Phoenix and took her to the coast for a short day trip. Nothing like leaving 95 degrees inland and going to the coast where even I had to put on a jacket to walk on the beach! It was fabulous. Great day, great company, great food. We went to one of our must-stop restaurants when in Newport, Oregon – Izzy’s Pizza. Pizza, fried chicken, mojo potatoes – Anyone remember Shaky’s? This tastes just like them! Then spent an hour or so freezing on Nye Beach.

Me, with my daughter in the background playing in the surf.

After dinner with the other sister-in-law and her husband who lives in Salem at Olive Garden (I love their salad) we slept then headed back to the coast to slowly make our way home. We shopped at the outlet malls and a couple of little gift shops – can’t go to the coast without stopping at gift shops! We were going to stop at Tillamook Cheese Facotry, but the place was packed, so we went across the street and had a really yummy meal of fish and chips and a chowder bowl at Old Oregon Smokehouse, stopped at a couple of beaches to sit in the sand, then wound up in a state park just outside Westport, Washington for the night. We got our dinner from a Safeway deli and ate it in the car in the parking lot, then hiked to the beach afterwards and watched the sun set. One of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of them on the coast. The key is to have some clouds. If it’s cloudless, there’s no color, and if there are too many then there’s really no sunset at all.

A foggy morning – Highway 105 leaving Westport, Washington

We slept in the truck that night, then headed home the next day, leaving the coast on a fogged-in chilly morning – Just the kind I love!

It was a quick trip, but it was fabulous. It’s nice to finish a trip wanting more!

And I just have to add this because it’s so rare to find. A restaurant that knows what it means when you ask for “extra” lemon for your iced tea. Elmer’s in Vancouver, Washington and Island Cafe in Oak Harbor, Washington!

Extra Lemon in the Iced Tea


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