Spinach, Cauliflower Soup (Green Goop)

Green Goop

Green Goop

This is one of my favorite recipes that I came up with while on Ideal Protein last year, and I just made a big batch today. It’s so simple but tastes great. It’s not exactly a “summer” food because I really don’t like eating hot food in the summer, but getting back into this diet requires soup in my fridge to keep me on track. My whole family also loves this stuff, so it goes over well. We all call it Green Goop because that’s what it looks like. I never in a million years thought hubby and kiddo would even try it, let alone love it, but they did and do.

  • 6-10 quart stock pot with tight-fitting lid
  • 1 – 15 oz can of low sodium/low fat beef or chicken stock (I like Kroger brand best) Or any soup stock, including veggie if you want to keep it vegetarian.
  • 1 head cauliflower
  • 1 lb chopped spinach or baby spinach leaves (I buy the kind in a bag – much easier and cheap at Costco)
  • 2 sweet onions
  • garlic powder, salt, pepper to taste
  1. Pour broth into stock pot.
  2. Chop cauliflower and onions into about bite-size pieces and put it in the pot.
  3. Sprinkle liberally with garlic and pepper, and as much or as little salt.
  4. Put the lid on the pot and simmer about 1/2 hour until tender.
  5. Add in the spinach. Usually have to do this 1/2 at a time because it takes up so much room. And cover and let it wilt thoroughly.
  6. Once everything is completely softened, remove from heat. Either pour into a blender or use an immersion blender to mix until very smooth.
  7. Add salt/pepper as needed (we like ours a little on the peppery side)
  8. Serve with a sprinkle of Parmesan or feta on top.

The great thing about this recipe is with feta and the garlic, it has a lot of zip and flavor, and it’s almost 100% veggie!


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