Summer weight gain – Easy noodles & chicken to start the diet off right!

Mushroom Noodles with BBQ chicken breasts

Mushroom Noodles with BBQ chicken breasts

I admit it, I’m an oddball. The temperature goes up, and I get cravings for everything bad. I don’t know what it is about the heat, but all I want to do is eat, eat, eat. I wish I were the person who says, “It’s so hot, I just can’t eat a thing,” but I’m not. I start craving things I usually don’t eat like potato chips, pizza, big burger buns and soft pretzels. On the upside, I don’t really go for the sweets, but anything bread-based is in danger!

Since I pretty much spent the last two weeks on vacation, eating whatever I wanted, I put on a couple of pounds. A couple of pounds don’t sound too bad, except that being diabetic, that’s a really, really bad thing. Add that to the 20 lbs I’ve gained since heart surgery, and my doctor is on me about it. So I have made the decision to go back on the Ideal Protein diet (starting yesterday) and that means getting back to cooking only healthy meals. To get started, I bought 15 lbs of frozen chicken breasts and $35 in fresh veggies. The chicken will last awhile, but the veggies will only last a week, since the kiddo decided she’d gained a few too many pounds too this summer, she wants to go back on Atkins. I was lucky to raise a kid who loves veggies as much as I do, and cooking for Atkins isn’t much different than cooking for Ideal Protein. Hubby just eats whatever I serve! *grin

Tonight’s recipe was simple and quick, because I was starving by the time I got around to throwing it together. Very simply, bbq chicken and … I think I’ll call just it Mushroom Noodles.

The chicken is simple. Slice breasts in half so they’re fairly thin – faster cooking and to make sure they cook thoroughly. Sprinkle with favorite seasoning and throw on a low-temp grill or fry pan. Cook about 7 minutes then turn over and cook on the other side until done.

The noodles. As always, I’m using my shirataki noodles. In a fry pan – 3 Tbls olive oil (or butter) 2-3 cups sliced mushrooms, 1/2 onion, sliced thin, 1-2 Tblsp minced garlic (to taste). Fry this up until the mushrooms and onions are tender. After boiling and draining the shirataki noodles (or cooking and draining regular noodles) toss into the hot fry pan and mix up with veggies and oil. Sprinkle liberally with grated Parmesan and fresh-ground pepper to taste. Simple and so yummy!


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