Sushi week

Last week, I had sushi twice – once at the fabulous Momo Sushi in Gastown with my friend Susan, and once last night as takeout from Osaka Sushi just down the street.


As I was too busy enjoying myself with Susan, I forgot to take any pictures of the amazing sushi we had at Momo (and I promise I’ll do it next time), but Osaka Sushi is the kind of homey restaurant I like to discover. It’s going to be one of my go-to pick up a bite to eat places on my way home from work. Or, as it was last night, on my way home from a drink with my friend Natasha across the Granville Street Bridge (see above). I had a drink, then walked home across the bridge, enjoying the view and trying to remember what I could have to eat at home. When I realized what I was thinking was microwave popcorn, I started considering some takeout and remembered Osaka. I haven’t been there for years, but remembered it fondly.

This is what I got for $8.35 – $10 including a tip. And every bite was perfect. Now it’s not exactly sushi, though the California roll was terrific. Everything was terrific. The miso soup was the best I’ve had in a while, the tempura was light and, obviously, the oil was fresh. The salad was crispy, the dressing light, and the teriyaki was sweet and perfect. I loved it.


And, as you can see, it was so much food, I had to save the California roll to have with the end of the movie.

Osaka Sushi is on my permanent go-to list.




2 thoughts on “Sushi week

  1. Was Osaka Sushi at 1361 Burrard St? Looks like great value!
    And yes, next time you go to Momo to take pictures, I’m in! That was great sushi and great conversation, thanks again Kate!

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