Little Old Lady Recipes


My newest cookbook acquisition is one I picked up in a gift shop in Oak Harbor, Washington. I love touristy type shops because you never know what you’ll find, from odd jewelry to local artists’ designs, to cookbooks you would never find in “normal” stores.

This one I think is a real treasure even if I never make a thing out of it. It’s called Little Old Lady Recipes, and it’s filled with pictures of beautiful women, their simple recipes that were the standard food before everyone went all cultured, and words of wisdom from women who’ve lived through it all.

This is the food I grew up on, and the food some of the older generation in my family still make for their families. These are the recipes that showed up at potlucks and church socials that were made with out food processors, immersion blenders and “overpriced organic frozen dinners”.

There’s not much more I can say other than I loved reading this book!


One thought on “Little Old Lady Recipes

  1. Yes, collections of homemade recipes are the best! Sometimes thrift stores will have old cookbooks from churches or social clubs. Those booklets always have some good and interesting stuff. Estate and garage sales are also great places to find books and boxes full of handwritten recipes. I’ve gotten some great stuff there.

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