Summertime Blues

Most amazing sunset. July 13, 2014

Most amazing sunset. July 13, 2014 – Untouched photo!

I guess I’m in the minority, but I really hate being in sunshine and heat. So many people I know live for heat and sun and summer, but I’d rather the season be skipped altogether. If it were 55-65 degrees year around, I would be in heaven. Because of the plethora of medication I take, I sunburn in 10 minutes flat. I need to wear (and I’m not exaggerating) no less than 85 spf sun screen just to spend 15 minutes outside. My favorite time of the day in the summer is sunset, when relief comes…and it can be absolutely beautiful!

I have had issues with heat since I was a little kid. My electrolytes get off kilter really easily. Drink a Gatorade because I played touch football? Nope. Because I sat outside in the shade for an hour in 85 degree weather. When the electrolytes get out of whack, I’m lethargic and feel generally “yucky” whenever the temp is over 80 degrees.

Camping in the shade

Every summer since my kiddo was old enough to pay attention to where she was, we’ve traveled. Home to Alaska to visit family, across the country to see Washington D.C., to Las Vegas to visit more family, to camping in the Rockies… This summer we decided to stay home. She’s got an unpaid apprenticeship she’s working on, and well, money’s tight this year.

So, I’m sad I’m not doing more stuff (though Kate and I are getting away next weekend and I can’t wait!) and on top of the general unhappiness from lack of doing anything exciting, it’s HOT HOT HOT! When the humidex hits over 100 degrees and the only A/C in the house is in the bedroom… *sigh Life just kind of sucks.

My “office” is in the living room, so it’s too hot to really work there. My hubby works nights so I can’t sit and type in bed next to him during the day or I might become an abused wife (kidding). So I’m falling behind on my self-imposed writing schedule. And then, the other thing that usually makes me happy – cooking – I refuse to turn on the oven, and I seriously don’t want to stand over a hot fry pan, so I’m grilling everything, which is good, but that’s getting boring too.

I did go camping for a couple of days in the mountains, where it was cooler. I sat under the tree in our camp sight and read for two days. That was very nice, but then I had to come home… I do find summer “beautiful” in that I love flowers and I love the forest. But I wish I could view summer from a very air conditioned house in the forest. Unfortunately, I live in a city.

Sunset 7-13-14. Untouched photo!

I will stop whining now. I just can’t wait for fall. Cool weather, gray skies and some rain. That’s when I’m happy, when I go outside and have fun. I hope to have something good to say after Kate and I come back from being by the ocean for a few days.


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