Transition. Transformation. Life.

20140708_170654Transition. Transformation. Life.

I seem to be involved in a major life change right now – which isn’t exactly (or at all) how I planned it. And it’s touching everything I do: from work, to writing, to eating, to cooking, to shopping, to just plain getting through the day. And the week. And the month. And most likely the year. Maybe even two or three.

Most importantly, what I did plan was one thing, one transition that I expected would take a year, maybe two. I wanted to switch a larger part of my income to come from writing-related work rather than my day job at the law office. Writing, editing, workshops, etc. Of course, what this means is that in the short term, while I’m waiting for that income to kick in, I’m basically working two full time jobs. Busy. Entertaining. Tiring. Often all at the same time.

I’m writing poetry, essays, creative non-fiction. I’m submitting it and it’s getting accepted at a relatively high rate of return – okay, certainly a whole lot higher than it used to when I first started writing. I’m writing manuals and teaching courses. I’m editing for a small e-publisher. I’m editing one of my novellas accepted by a small publisher; I’m editing two novellas (mine and a friend’s) for an anthology we’re writing together – and I’m writing the third novella of the four; I’m working on a women’s fiction book – about halfway through that. And this is just what I can think of at the moment. Busy. Entertaining. Tiring. Often all at the same time.

Busy and tiring changes everything. And not generally in a good way. Sleep. Cleaning. Laundry. Shopping. Cooking. Eating. You name any of those day-to-day chores that absolutely have to be done – I’m shuffling it in around all kinds of other things. The piles on my desk? You don’t want to know. Mostly, though, what busy and tiring means is that my eating and cooking habits are terrible. I’m eating out. I’m eating too much. I’m eating junk food. And when I get to cook – which isn’t often – I enjoy it, but I always feel rushed. I’ve put on weight. My stomach isn’t happy with me. But I’ve been here before and I know what I have to do.

And that’s the first part of the transformation. It’s not easy to get back to the gym, not easy to get back to eating well, not easy to take that first step. But it’s got to be done. And this blog will help me because if I’m cooking, I’m eating better. And this is way easier than the rest of the transformation.

I’m not sure exactly how to work on the rest of the transformation or exactly what it entails – what I want to be or be doing when it’s all over. I’m not a planner – at least not for big things like the rest of my life! I might plan a vacation or a move or a shopping trip. But life? No way. But I can feel it, this transformation, like the surging power of a huge wave coming up from the depths of the ocean, rolling, changing, renewing, everything that’s in its way.

I’m definitely living in interesting times…



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