Chicken with lemon and capers

I, like most of us (and as you can see from Leanne’s post this week), choose chicken fairly regularly. That’s not to say that I don’t love beef or pork, but chicken is a little lighter and so, especially in the evening, I tend to choose it rather than one of the heavier meats.

This recipe takes a little time – it’s definitely NOT a five minute meal – but it is delicious. And because I had eight chicken thighs, I ended up with four meals. I had one last night, and I packaged up three more for my partner’s lunch today and for both of us for Saturday.


It’s a terrific way to cook chicken. I paired it with green beans and baby Yukon Gold potatoes.

Cooking spray
1/4 cup all purpose flour
8 chicken thighs, skinless and boneless
1 cup chicken broth
2 tbsp fresh lemon juice (I used the juice of two lemons, a little bit more than 2 tbsp)
1 1/2 tbsp capers (I used more than this as well – depends on how much you like lemon and capers 🙂

Green beans (I think peas would be just as good) and potatoes. I steamed the beans, boiled the potatoes.

Coat a large skillet with cooking spray, set it over medium-high heat.

Combine flour with pepper, coat chicken with it. Brown the chicken in a single layer in the skillet until golden on the bottom (it took me about 6-7 minutes). Flip the chicken and brown on the other side (this took about 4-5 minutes). Remove from the skillet.

Pour chicken broth into skillet and scrape up any browned bits with a wooden spoon. Return the chicken to the skillet, cover and reduce heat to low. Simmer it until heated through (not very long, 3-5 minutes). Stir in lemon juice and capers, heat for a minute or so.

I plated the chicken, then combined the green beans and potatoes in a bowl, then poured the sauce over them, reserving a little bit to pour over the chicken on the plate.

Voila! For me, it was a little too much work for a work night – by the time I got home and got started cooking, it was close to 7:00, and then it took about 35 or 40 minutes to get this all done – plus there were a PILE of dishes and I don’t have a dishwasher. For me, this was a lovely meal to make on a day I didn’t have to work.



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