The perfect breakfast

One of my favorite meals to eat out is breakfast. I love breakfast. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t eat a fancy – or even ordinary – breakfast at home very often. Oh, occasionally I’ll have some yogurt or toast, peanut butter and banana, but that’s about it. But a real breakfast? For me, that’s to savor somewhere other than at home. And I love every single kind of breakfast food.

Bacon and sausages, eggs and toast, oatmeal and croissants, sweet rolls, fruit salad, yogurt – doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s breakfast, I love it. Except, of course, the cold toast and eggs you sometimes get in an English B&B. Yuck! Oh, yeah, and maybe blood pudding too (whatever that is).

On my way to work in the morning (sometimes it’s 7:30, sometimes, like today, it’s 10:00, occasionally it’s 6:45 or so), I more often than not stop at my favorite coffee shop (and, no, it’s not Tim Hortons or Starbucks!). It’s a tiny coffee shop owned by a friend and it’s almost exactly halfway between my home and my office. They know how I like my food and I can order off menu to ensure I get all the things I love and none of the things I don’t want. The things I want are generally some combination of very very crispy bacon (almost burnt), sliced tomatoes (you have to have some vegetable), a poached egg (occasionally scrambled, but NEVER fried), and one slice of wholewheat toast (if I’m feeling tired, I might change this to a toasted sesame bagel).

And this is what it looks like…


Nothing added that I don’t want – everything I do want.

This, for me, is the perfect breakfast.





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