Sexy food

For me, good food is sexy – but there are certain foods I find sexier than others. Those foods, for me, tend to be very simple. They’re not fancy French meals (though there is something sexy about a terrific meal and wine with a gorgeous man!). It’s more about the visual, about the texture, about the shape, and the way it feels in my mouth, the way it smells. So here’s a list of my favorite sexy foods…


I often have two kinds of tomatoes – grape and lovely fat on-the-vine tomatoes. I love the way when you bite into them, the skin doesn’t immediately give way, but then splashes you with juice and seeds.


And then there are the wonderful flavors of mango (OMG, mango, so sweet and soft and oh-so-sexy) and raspberries (just a little tart and that smell). Raspberries are summer to me and there’s no time that’s sexier than a hot summer afternoon.


And nothing feels sexier than an eggplant. I don’t even care if I ever cook it – just the way it feels in my hand, that beautiful deep rich color? Mmmmm….


Biting into fresh hand-peeled shrimp, the lovely salty taste of the ocean (and other not so ocean-like things), combined with the spice of a good seafood sauce, and the crisp clean taste and texture of cucumber (never mind the visual!).


Grapes always make me think of almost-naked Greeks or Italians, swarthy and earthy and warm, pulling grapes from a cluster and feeding them to me by hand – one by one – popping them into my mouth and then licking away the sweet red juice.

And then there is my all-time sexiest of all sexy foods…

The fig.


Just the look of them is enough to send me over the edge, but then I touch them, soft and giving and warm. Never eat fresh figs cold, serve them at room temperature. And that first bite? When you find that luscious sensual meat inside? There is nothing sexier than a fresh fig.

What’s your favorite sexy food?



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