This is not diet food – But it’s fun!

Bacon, bacon and more bacon!

Bacon, bacon and more bacon!

The funny thing is, I found these two ideas on a low-carb website. It is true these are technically low-carb. Almost carb-free in fact. But usually anything that is wrapped in bacon is not considered diet food.

After I saw these, I decided I had to try them someday. Well, after a really stinking bad day, I decided it was time for some comfort food, and what’s better to comfort than bacon?

These are so simple. Fun party food, I think is what they’re meant for. We just had them with some chicken patty sandwiches and an icy gin and tonic. Like I said, it was a bad day. The peppers with the nice smokey flavor from the grill, were amazing. The onions were good, but the peppers were… I’ll be making these again!

Bacon-Wrapped, Cream Cheese-Filled Anaheim Peppers

I just made two, one each for hubby and I, but the original recipe calls for 8 peppers and an 8 oz block of cream cheese.

Slice Anaheim peppers lengthwise. I left the stem on, because it looks a little nicer. Scoop out seeds and white parts. Run under cold water to make sure all seeds are removed. Carefully spread into pepper, 1 oz cream cheese from stem to tip. Then I added thin slices of sharp cheddar for more flavor, squishing it into the cream cheese so they mixed. Wrap with a long, thin-sliced piece of bacon, holding it into place at top and bottom with toothpicks (which also hold the pepper closed – stick the toothpicks all the way through both sides.

Grill until bacon is crisp. By then the cheese is melty and the pepper is perfectly wilted and smoked. It took about 20 min or so med-high heat on the grill.

Bacon Onion Rings

I used the middle slice – about 3/4″ wide – and then left it 2 rings thick. Wrap with bacon. It took 2-3 slices of very thin bacon to cover it completely. Anchor with toothpicks.

Put on grill on medium heat until bacon is crisp. – Same amount of time as the peppers, 20 min or so on med-high heat on the bbq.

BEFORE – I put a cookie rack on top of a grill pan covered in tin foil to: 1) keep the grease from falling down into my grill and 2) let the grease drip from the food.



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