This writer’s real cooking habits.

BBQ night - quick and easy and yummy

BBQ night – quick and easy and yummy.

I post a lot of recipes, and I began to wonder if I come off as the type of person who cooked nice big meals every night of the week. That I spent most of my time slaving in the kitchen to make the foods and meals that I post here on W&E.

Nothing could be further from the truth. For the most part, I cook on the fly, trying simply to make sure food is ready for dinner around six p.m. each night, because that’s what the family expects. Between the day job, writing, getting off my butt and getting some exercise (doctor’s orders) and also trying to keep the house livable – though I’m the first to admit I’m a horrible housekeeper and usually only really clean when guests are coming over – I can’t spend the whole day in the kitchen creating gourmet meals, though I wish I had that kind of time.

I make a lot of hot dogs or sausages. Soup and salads are staples. Microwave “baked” potatoes. And if I can bbq it, I do, because it takes so little effort. Hamburger and steaks are family favorites – not that noteworthy for blog posts. I don’t do anything special with them, though I love experimenting with seasonings. Right now the McCormick blends are my favorite, especially the hickory, bbq, and bacon ones.

In my refrigerator this is always a huge container of green salad and one of soup. I make a new soup about once a week, and it’s there for meals or snacks for everyone. Low carb/low fat always, and I make sure there’s a variety so we’re not eating the same thing week after week.

This week’s soup happens to be a Thai/chicken/sausage/veggie. How did I come up with that? I made a Thai stir fry one night and baked a chicken the next. I threw the chicken bones in a pot, covered it with water, and threw in the leftover veggies. After I removed the bones, I added some red curry paste and coconut milk. Realizing it was much more liquid than solids, I threw in a couple more sliced sweet peppers, pieces of broccoli, and a bag of spinach. Still pretty thin, so I cut up a smoky ring sausage. It turned into something pretty darn good, if I may say so myself.

I love using my weekly leftovers to make soup.

I make a lot of flat-bread pizzas, too, because it’s quick and everyone loves them. Flatout® flat bread – the low-carb version – or the big size soft tortilla wraps, shredded cheese, turkey pepperoni and some veggies. Bake for 10-15 min at 400 degrees and it’s done!

Don’t get me wrong, I do love to cook, and I very much enjoy posting recipes and pictures of my masterpieces here. But I’m not that obsessive about every meal being perfect. Tonight it’s grilled sirloin strips and grilled veggies with garlic and Parmesan. Easy as pie.

How to make BBQ meat and veggies:

Take meat out of fridge around 2 PM and season. Place on plate and cover with plastic wrap to bring up to room temp. At 5:30 dump veggies in a big Ziploc, sprinkle with olive oil and seasoning. Shake well. Place on BBQ pan and put on top rack of grill with fire down low. At 6 PM put on meat and cook to desired wellness (we like ours pretty rare). Everything is ready to eat at once with very little effort or time consumed.


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