Super Easy BBQ Pulled Pork – from the crockpot

BBQ Pulled Pork

BBQ Pulled Pork

This was the easiest thing I’ve made in what felt like ages (other than hot dogs I guess). *grin

Since my last post was my low-calorie bbq sauce, I thought I’d give a recipe I make with it. This was literally a… “I have a pork shoulder roast and it’s frozen, and I have to have something for dinner tonight” type thing. I try to plan ahead a little and thaw the meat ahead of time that I need for dinner . Sometimes I forget. Actually, I forget a lot, but I blame that on all the voices in my head distracting me. I am a writer after all, and am doing other writing besides recipes.

Since I’d just made a new batch of my bbq sauce while writing the post for Writing And Eating, I thought I’d use it. Any pulled pork I’ve made in the past, following recipes, never turn out just how I want them, never have exactly the flavor I’m going for. I wasn’t aiming for pulled pork here. In fact, I thought it would just cook down and we’d have chunks of meat in bbq sauce. It wasn’t until it was just before dinner that I realized it had cooked to the point of shredding really well that I decided to go ahead and do that. This was a really big hit with the family.

  • 3 lb pork shoulder roast, frozen
  • 1 batch low-carb BBQ sauce – recipe posted awhile back (or a bottle of your favorite)
  • 1 large onion, sliced into strips
  • 1 or 2 green peppers, sliced into strips
  1. Pork goes on the bottom of the crock pot, layer on the onions and peppers and pour the bbq sauce over it.
  2. Cook on high for about 6 hours
  3. Take the meat from the pot and put on plate.
  4. Remove and throw out fat and bones.
  5. Shred meat with two forks.
  6. Put meat back into the sauce, stir, and serve.

Hubby ate this with whole grain dinner rolls. Kiddo and I just had a bowl of pulled pork. It’s fabulous and so easy!


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