Japanese Restaurants – For the Beauty of it.

Ebi Sonomono – Sehmi Japanese

It has only been a couple of years since I discovered that I very much enjoy Japanese food.

Bento Box – Niko Sushi

Fairbanks, Alaska, when I was growing up, was not a cultural hub. We had a few Chinese restaurants, a couple Mexican and a couple Italian places, but that was about it. If you wanted a burger, fried chicken, pizza or cheese steaks, those were easy to come by, but I was never exposed to Japanese until moving to British Columbia. I always thought Japanese was just sushi – raw fish – and being that I went fishing all the time as a kid… Being an outdoors woman, the only reason to eat raw fish was if you were stranded in the wilds about to starve to death and had no means to start a fire.

In the town I live in now, there are tons of Japanese restaurants and it seems more popping up

Chicken Yakitori – Bluefin Sushi

all the time, so one day I decided to go in and try some food. I found out about bento boxes! A little tasty treat of several different items. It turns out I like just about everything except sashimi. And the only reason I dislike it is texture. Raw fish actually tastes pretty good, but I don’t like the feel of it on my tongue. Other than that, I  love the colors and textures of the food. Crunchy, soft, tough, tender..

Tempura Appetizer – Sagano Sushi

The best part about eating out Japanese is the beauty of the presentation. I love everything about it, and I won’t go back to certain places because they don’t take the time to make a wonderful looking dish.

These pictures are a few of my favorite things for the love of the food and the beauty of presentation. They’re from all different places around my city.

“Crazy Boy” – Dake Japanese


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