Quinoa redux

Quinoa with tomato and olive

Quinoa with tomato and olive

After I posted Susan’s quinoa salad recipe, I thought I try something of my own, so here it is…

I used three of my favorite vegetables, and it was absolutely the perfect meal. Beautiful to look at, one of my criteria for a really good meal, plus healthy and it tasted great!

Quinoa with tomatoes and olives

Olive oil
Kalamata olives
Grape tomatoes

Cook quinoa as directed on the package. I buy organic but I suspect that most quinoa is organic even if the package doesn’t say so.

While cooking the quinoa (it takes about 25 minutes), chop up kalamata olives, grape tomatoes and zucchini. Steam the zucchini. I use the microwave and steam them for 4 minutes. I then add the tomatoes and olives, put the lid back on the steamer, then put it back in the microwave without turning it on. I didn’t want to soften the tomatoes or cook the olives, just wanted to warm them up.

When the quinoa is ready, add olive oil and salt to taste. I think I might have added a teaspoon of oil. Then drain the vegetables, put them in with the quinoa, and stir. Taste. I ended up adding more salt as quinoa seems to absorb it quite rapidly.

Easy meal and great to take for lunch the next day.



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