Low Carbing It – Some bread options

Low Carb Bread Options

Low Carb Bread Options

I’m not psycho about saying that everyone in the world must follow a low-carb diet. I’ve listened to these people and they make me want to smack them. Not every body is the same, and just because it works for me, doesn’t mean it will work for you. Personally, because of diabetes, I have to be low-carb if I want to stay off insulin (and I do!). The upside is that if you’re careful and read lables, low-carb can also be low-cal. Reading labels is a whole other ballgame.

Here in Canada there is a place called Low Carb Grocery and I love that website, and there is a brick and mortar store in Burnaby that I visit when I’m in the city.

I love sandwiches, and the flat breads/tortillas make an awesome base for low-carb pizza. The picture is of the variety of flat-breads and pitas I ordered from them yesterday (delivered today to my door for cheaper than it would cost me to drive into the city) None of these has more than 5 net carbs per serving, and they all taste good. Net carbs = number of carbs minus grams of fiber. It was like Christmas to open my package today!

I have to say, the pita bread in the top row of the photo…it is fabulous! I put just a smear of mayo with ham and cheese and lettuce and a big wad of alfalfa sprouts. Oh, it was so good!


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