Fish, fish, and more fish!

An excellent thing happened in my neighborhood exactly one week ago – we finally got a fish store. I live in a very urban location, and almost everything I need is within a block or three, certainly within walking distance. Davie Street, the shopping street, is full of fascinating stores, all of them within three blocks: Persian delis, three bakeries, a furniture store, three or four sex shops (I can’t keep track), four dollar stores, more than a dozen restaurants and coffee shops, a grocery store, a drugstore, a couple of health stores, an art store, a shoe repair store, three dry cleaners and maybe four or five hairdressers. An optician, a couple of computer repair stores, a night club, a wine store and a liquor store, two or three psychics, and at least a couple corner stores. Oh, yeah, and two very good fruit and vegetable shops.

Hmmm, Pacific Ocean fish.

Hmmm, Pacific Ocean fish.

But what we didn’t have until a week ago was a fish store or a butcher shop. Now that the fish are here, I’ve got my fingers crossed that the meat will arrive next.

The store – The Daily Catch – opened last Thursday and I’ve already been there four times. My grandfather owned a fishing lodge in Campbell River when the family moved to BC from Manitoba where my father worked as a fishing guide. Although the lodge was sold by the time I was a child, we still ate a lot of fish. My first serious boyfriend was a commercial fisherman and I spent a lot of time in my teenage years on his boat fishing for salmon in The Ditch aka the Fraser River. One summer and fall I worked for BC Packers, a fish packing plant, popping herring. I think, taking inflation into account, I probably made more money then than I do now. So fish is in my blood.

The Daily Catch

The Daily Catch

You might even call it an obsession. I like almost every kind of seafood, from shrimp and clams and oysters (hmmm, raw Kumamotos are amazing), to salmon and tuna and halibut. If it comes from the water, I want to eat it. And I love to cook it. Almost all seafood is delicate, even the types that seem not be. Everyone thinks octopus or squid is tough, but it needs a delicate hand when you cook it.

This week, because I’ve been busy, I haven’t bought anything to cook, but I have bought  two of my favorite fast foods: smoked salmon and hand-peeled shrimp. I also tried their squid salad and fell in love with that. I eat smoked salmon and shrimp like candy, or put them in a sandwich or throw them in a salad. Next blog, I’ll share with you one of my favorite company meals: a lovely and easy west coast bouillabaise.


All of these pictures are from The Daily Catch. I’m in love!



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