Beef tortilla pinwheels

After my Bollywood class at lunch yesterday, I spent much of the afternoon trying to decide what I would make to eat that would fill me up and also be healthy and, hopefully, fun.

Easy and healthy fast food

Easy and healthy fast food

I came up with these tortilla pinwheels while I was doing something fairly mindless. These would be great as an appetizer, if you wanted to take them to a party, but also for your kids if they want some finger food for lunch or a snack. There are an infinite number of possibilities, but I chose some of my favorite foods for mine.

Beef Tortilla Pinwheels

Whole wheat tortillas (I bought the Weight Watchers brand because they’re smaller and easier to handle)
Rare roast beef sliced thin
Low fat cream cheese
Kalamata olives (one of my guilty pleasures)
Tomatoes sliced very thin

Begin by covering the tortillas with a thin layer of cream cheese. Because I hadn’t made these before, I didn’t get the cream cheese properly distributed. Make sure that you get cream cheese right to the edge of the tortillas.

Lay the roast beef in the middle of the tortilla, then add very thinly sliced tomatoes and olives.

Roll very tightly and keep pressing until they are clearly stuck at the edges.

Slice into bit size pieces.


The other ingredients that would be good are spinach leaves, julienned carrots or peppers, thin celery sticks. You could turn these into a sweet treat by using peanut butter and thinly sliced apples or bananas. Any way you do it, these are a great addition to your I’m starving now, feed me repertoire.

I added vegetables and ended up with the perfect dinner. As I said above, it’s a terrific party food or appetizer.



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