Eating out at Joey’s Burrard

The other day in very rainy Vancouver, I walked downtown to have lunch with two friends. We met at Joey’s on Burrard. Don’t mistake this restaurant for the other Joey’s on Burrard, this one is at Robson. I haven’t yet been to Joey’s Bentall One, which is also on Burrard, but may get there one day.

This is how wet it was. I know this photo isn’t about food, but I’m fascinated by the way raindrops appear on leaves, and this is what I saw that day. Lettuce with rain accompaniment.


Because I’m trying to cut down on fats in my diet AND it was the day before payday, I spent a whole lot of time with Joey’s online menu before I went to this lunch and I settled on Sashimi Salad. That was easy for me, because I love sushi, and ahi tuna is my favorite. My plan was to take out the peanuts (who needs peanuts in a salad?) and the avocado (remember, my thing about food is texture and the only way I like avocado is in guacamole) and have the dressing on the side. The salad and dressing were very delicate and I think if I’d left the peanuts and avocado in, those flavors would have overwhelmed the lovely delicacy of the salad, the tuna, and the dressing. The dressing is a cilantro ginger dressing of the most beautiful green and its flavor blew me away. I’m going to try to replicate it and will keep you posted about that.

The salad itself arrives stacked into a beehive shape and when I deconstructed it, I found mango, another one of my favorite foods.

Joey's Sashimi Salad

All in all, definitely a winner and I would have it again. Many times.



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