Going back to school – The Dirty Apron

I and twenty-six of my workmates, went to cooking school on Friday night. The Dirty Apron is a deli and a cooking school in Vancouver and my office decided that, instead of having a regular Christmas party, we would get together and we would take a cooking lesson ( www.dirtyapron.com ). We had a fabulous time – we were separated into three groups – Team Appetizer, Team Main Course, and Team Dessert. When I tell you the story, you’ll see why I was delighted to be on Team Appetizer.

Table for 30 anyone?

We arrived to a lovely table set for us, and soon (after a glass or two of wine and some lovely bread and dips) met our three chefs, one for each team.

Each dish, all three courses, was made from scratch. Team Appetizer  made Ravioli with Arugula Goat Cheese Filling, topped with a Walnut & Sage Butter Sauce. I would definitely make the filling, but I’m pretty sure that I would buy the pasta. It was gorgeous, we plated our food when done, served it, then got to sit and watch the other teams as they got up from the table to do the same with their courses. Go, Team Appy! This is our dish, plated by all of us and served and enjoyed by all of us.

So, here’s the filling, easy as can be and amazingly good.

Arugula, chop finely
Olive oil to taste
Finely grated parmegan reggiono cheese (to taste)
Salt and pepper to taste
Caramelized onions to taste
Soft goat cheese

Jan 17 2014 017

Mix together. I started mixing it with a spoon, but my clean hands worked much better.

This is going to be adjusted to how much pasta you want. We made 90 little ravioli, you probably won’t. So just guess. You want enough to roll into a small ball for each ravioli. So if you need 20 ravioli, buy everything accordingly. If you want many more ravioli, buy more filling.

Jan 17 2014 029

I learned how hard my partner works to serve in a high-end restaurant every night. Those plates are damn heavy! I learned how much fun it is to learn how to cook from someone who knows all those little tricks of the trade. I would definitely go to another cooking class, probably even at The Dirty Apron, and I think I’d start with the knife stuff. Because no matter how sharp my knives are, I often  feel uncomfortable wielding them when I’m doing something I have done before.

Soon to be tenderloin.

I’ve included a few photographs from the other Teams, but I can’t really tell you how they did because I was too busy with Team Appy.




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