Greek Parmesan Chicken Thighs and Potato Wedges

Greek Chicken Thighs and Potato Wedges

Greek Chicken Thighs
and Potato Wedges

This just kind of morphed into what it is, and what it is is super tasty and easy! I had a 4 lb bag of chicken thighs and a few russet potatoes and needed to feed the family dinner, and not a lot of time.

I thawed the thighs in the sink, removed the skin, and laid them out on a pan covered by tinfoil sprayed with Pam.

I normally just bake potatoes, but decided to peel them and sliced them in eighths and threw them onto the pan around the thighs.

It looked pretty boring, so I sprinkled the whole pan with onion powder and fresh ground pepper. Still not right.

Then I remembered a recipe that was a favorite of the family’s a few years ago, but I quit making it because it uses bread crumbs and now that I try to stay low-carb, I know that when I made this one recipe there was no way I could not eat it…so I hadn’t made it in years. So, I made the “sauce” from that one really good recipe called Garlic Lover’s Chicken from Quick Cooking many years ago.

In a bowl I mixed the juice of one lemon, two heaping teaspoons minced garlic (I buy the stuff already minced in jar because I’m lazy and it keeps the smell of garlic off my hands.) and 1 cube of butter. Put it in the microwave just long enough to melt the butter – about 40 seconds for refrigerated butter.

I spooned about ½ the butter over the chicken and potatoes then sprinkled just a little dried oregano over everything, then spoon the rest of the butter (including chunks of garlic) over the thighs and potatoes. Just before I put it in the oven, I sprinkled a little Parmesan over everything.

Bake for 1 hour 10 min 350 degrees – these were fairly small thighs, so it’d be longer for large thighs. Using the butter/juice in the bottom of the pan, I basted the chicken and potatoes before I turned on the broiler and put it under the heat to brown for about 10 min so everything had a nice crust on it.

Served with a side of mixed veggies from a can, with a little of the lemon/butter from the pan drizzled over it.

Hope you enjoy!


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