It’s my first post!

For me, simple is always best when it comes to food. I have spent years eating all kinds of fancy, frou-frou plates of food. I’ve tried almost any kind of food you can think of, but in the end? I almost always come back to simplicity.

Simple is best...

Simple is best…

I like clean lines. I like sharp edges. I like to be able to taste ALL the flavors separately and distinctly. And I want my plate to be beautiful, the colors and shapes to complement each other, the tastes not to mush together, but to merge in a thoughtful and actually quite precise way.

This steak  (from one of my favorite places to stop after work) perfectly embodies simplicity. We often stop at the Cascades Lounge for a drink and a bite to eat. We went there the first time because it has the best view in the city looking out over Burrard Inlet, to Stanley Park, the Lions Gate Bridge, and the mountains beyond.

We quickly discovered that while their bar menu isn’t very big, it is very  good, so we go there regularly.

I love the way they’ve placed the steak which, by the way, was cooked exactly as we’d asked, and the single, exquisitely textured prawn on top, with a sprig of grey-green rosemary to set off the rounded shapes and the reddish colors of both the steak and the prawn. And the brilliant spiky shapes of the carrots and asparagus, against the rounded baby squash and potatoes. There’s nothing more beautiful than a perfectly plated meal with a glass of wine waiting beside it.

The food was exceptional, as it always is, and so was the wine and the service. Not a lot of calories, but a whole lot of flavor and texture. My type of meal!

I have a single rule about eating out. I’ll eat anywhere, from the scummiest diner to the most expensive place in town. I’ll try any kind of food, from chocolate covered ants to beluga caviar. But my one rule is this: If I get great service and mediocre food, I’ll try again. If I get great food and lousy service, I’m not going back. Things can go wrong in any kitchen, including mine. But service is about a personal commitment and that shouldn’t go wrong.



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